eric gottshall

> education <

mfa, design, 2021
mason gross school of the arts - rutgers, new jersey

bfa, fine arts / sculpture, 2013
fashion institute of technology, new york

> bio <

i am a designer and multimedia artist focusing on the design of spaces, objects and digital products. my background in sculpture and years as an exhibiting artist have given foundation to my strengths in creative problem-solving and in understanding space, materials, and form. I have participated in and led various creative production teams, design workshops, and organized various shows and lecture series.

> statement <

my work investigates the individuals autonomy within space, offering a critical lens on who controls the speculative gaze, how speculation is derived and to whom it is applied. analyzing spaces and objects for their potential to sustain equity, i use varied metrics to identify their existing benefits or shortcomings for future extrapolation, by way of participatory prototyping in both conceptual and physical modes. my product design confronts expertise, exposing the benefits and complications which result from user participation, and inherently criticizing top-down systems. in parallel, my digital publications and video works shed light on racial, gender, and class inequities present in spaces and institutional frameworks. i maintain a productive dialogue between the research–driven nature of my digital publications, and the haptic nature of my spatial product design.

> solo exhibitions <

2021 // temporal unity, mason gross galleries, new brunswick, nj
2020 // subverting heirarchy through flexibility, mason gross galleries, new brunswick, nj
2018 // rupture, art during the occupation gallery brooklyn fireproof, brooklyn, ny
2018 // helmet mindsets, art during the occupation gallery brooklyn fireproof, brooklyn, ny
2017 // reclamation of the 100th monkey art during The occupation gallery brooklyn fireproof, brooklyn, ny
2016 // testimg in progress, trial one, christopher stout gallery, brooklyn, ny
2013 // induced isolation bamboo pool, maxine hotel, miami, fl
2007 // drawings of life eyedintity gallery, portland, or

> group exhibitions <

2021 // season 5, episode 2 – temporal unity, mason gross galleries, new brunswick, nj
2019 // collabfest 2019, triskelion arts center, new york, ny
2019 // open studios, the clemente, new york, ny
2017 // open studios, the clemente, new york, ny
2016 // army of lovers, the christopher stout gallery, brooklyn, ny
2015 // body, the christopher stout gallery, brooklyn, ny
2015 // wearable matters, immersive gallery, new york, ny
2015 // spring break art fair 2015, armory week 2015, new york, ny
2014 // bacg at select art fair, art basel, miami, fl
2014 // echo art fair, central library, buffalo, ny

> press <

2017 // convicts, distort youre senses, face your anxiety: eric gottshall
2016 // art fag city, this weeks must-see events: queer power edition
2016 // art forum, new york artguide, thursday may 26th
2016 // posture magazine, introducing the artists of christopher stout gallery
2015 // nyc — arts, meet the artists: incubating subversive dialogue at christopher stout gallery
2015 // bedford + bowery, watch a m,an stroll through the city in a preposterous periscope helmet
2015 // white hot magazine, the subversives the post feminists and the category expanders: bushwick art crit group
2014 // bushwick daily, our one and only bushwick: 2014 neighborhood art news in review
2014 // oak blog, mixed medium

> teaching <

rutgers mason gross school for the arts, new brunswick, nj:

2021 // part time lecturer, design IIB experimental computation,
2021 // part time lecturer, design IIIA
2020 // teaching assistant, design IIB, experimental computation, professor mindy seu
2019 // guest critic, design bfa thesis, professor’s jacqueline thaw and asaid aervaiz

> professional <

2021 - // adaptive designer / fabricator
adaptive design association, new york, ny.
2020 - 2021 // design consultant / graphic designer
martin gliserman personal publication, new brunswick, nj.
2020 // design consultant
bound brook wayfinding system, new brunswick, nj.

f.a.c.e. units (facilitating analogue cerebral exploration), posing as faux medical devices, force a heightened/altered sensitivity between the wearers surroundings and their self, and thus are my way of directly experiment within these realms of interest.

voyeur vision

digital vision

instillation shot from reclamation of the 100th monkey

still from helmet mindsets

helmet mindsets


lets design a chair is a collaborative building experience for children ages 5-7. played between teacher and student/s, or parent and child, kids are prompted to think expansively about the concept of Seating. using various examples, textures, and prompts, kids will experience an iterative design process, at the end of which their designs will be documented, and possibly prototyped in collaboration with outside collaborators. as a system, “lets design a chair” summons its creative input not from seating experts, design labs, nor manufacturers, but from the kids who would in most cases be utilizing these designs.

the game starts by asking the kids: what is a chair?

we then explore different kinds of objects, thinking critically about this question.

using playdoh, the kids will then sculpt their idea of a chair.

the kids are then introduced to different materials and textures.

what materials do you think your chair could made of.

using a series of cards, the kids then think critically about the function of their chairs.

using my chair, can somebody balance on their knees, or stretch on their back, or rest on their stomach?.

sophia created a modular chair with three seperate pieces.

each piece can be connected, creating a chair with sides, or seperated to be used independently.

etta created a chair with six tenticals that can each be used as beds.

when rolled up, each tentical can also become a padded seat.

ben created an articulated cup like structure for sitting and laying.

it can be laid down to create a bed, or lifted to provide a cushion and backrest.

game box closed

game box open / noun + verb cards

# not my met moment is an app designed to take participants on a tour of 8 of the least instegrammed artworks in the mets triumphant collection.

Using the bodega bought ham and cheese sandwich on a roll with lettus, tomato, and mayonayse as an active metric, ham and cheese effect attempts to analyze and map trends of rising rent cost and gentrification across bushwick, brooklyn.

a modular horticultural therapy system, allowing individules to address their own theraputinc needs

a web app, and series or worksheets empowering kindergartners to think critically about design

++the web app facilitates kids ages 4-10 to think critically about their bodys, and the process of innovating and problem solving through design.

lets design is built around three main sections: 1 brainstorm, 2 create, 3 explain.

the child first creates a profile.

an abstract concept of design is then introduced.

some design examples are then given.

then its time to brainstorm.

the child is then tasked with finding and photographing something with similar qualities around them.

using a simple drawing interface, the child is then prompted to design something with those qualities.

its then time to explain their creation

the app will repeat this process three different times, each round focusing on texture, function, and interconnectivity.

once finished, the child can save their progress and exit.

++aimed at facilitating the creative process, the worksheets provide a similar methadology to the web app, though in a non-digital format.

an immersive, iterative exploration into the absurdity, honesty, and importance of speculative maker culture

++temporal unity is a guided exercise wherein the user is asked to utilize arbitrary shapes to address speculative problems. these problems range from the seemingly innocuous, to those of cataclysmic importance.

temporal unity video instillation

temporal unity instillation, 2021, mason gross galleries

temporal unity interaction, 2021, mason gross galleries

image courtesy of perry hoffman

temporal unity interaction, 2021, mason gross galleries

image courtesy of perry hoffman

shape 1

shape 2

shape 3

shape 4

shape 5

shape 6

shape 7

shape 8

shape 9

++user interactions were filmed from an adjacent ipad, allowing a voyeuristic gaze into their spontanious problem solving